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Amanda Nicole Martin — hot babe from America. She transformed her body beyond recognition, enlarging her breasts and buttocks. Now the 25-year-old model and blogger is the dream of millions of men.

Amanda has a popular Instagram, which is followed by 3 million people. Recently, the girl surprised the whole world, saying that she was unhappy in a relationship. According to Nicole, it is difficult for her to find a mate. The model admitted that she had almost no serious romantic relationship.

Beauty earns more than 700 thousand dollars a year. But not with sex services, but with blogging activities. Significant income to her brings an account with Onlyfans. This is the site where Amanda Nicole shows her erotic photos for a paid subscription.

We have collected the most candid pictures of Amanda Nicole. Most of them can not be found in the instagram of the model, nor in other sources. Check for a signature clover tattoo on the right thigh.

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