Top most popular tiktokers in 2020

The number of users of the TikTok application is growing every day, and many are wondering who has more subscribers on Tik Tok? In fact, the TOP of the most popular tiktokers is almost unchanged. Charlie D’Amelio has long settled on the first world. Let’s see who else is in the ranking.

So, the most bloggers in TikTok are American blogger Charlie D’Amelio. As of June 2020, she has 61 million followers.

Second place is with editor Zack King. This guy is making very cool content. And gets its well-deserved 44 million subscribers.

In third place is the 18-year-old singer and blogger Lauren Gray. She has 43 million followers. The girl walks very tight with Zach King.

Here is the full rating of the TOP 10 most popular tiktokers in the world:

  1. Charlie D’Amelio (61 million)
  2. Zach King (44 million)
  3. Loren Gray (43 million)
  4. Addison Rae (43 million)
  5. TikTok (43 million)
  6. Riyaz (40 million)
  7. Spencer X (32 million)
  8. Faisal shaikh (29 million)
  9. Brent Rivera (28 million)

We follow the changes in the rating and will update if one of the participants moves out of position.