What do Ester Exposito’s tattoos mean?

Ester Exposito — Spanish actress, star of the TV series «Elite». Conquered the hearts of the audience thanks to the role of Carla. During the filming I met with Alvaro Rico (Polo from «Elite»).

How many tattoos does Ester Exposito have?

Answer: 2 tattoos.

What tattoos does Ester have?

1) The number 593 on the inside of the left hand. Posted by Nacho Caja.

2) Minimalistic crescent on the left shoulder blade.

What do Esther Exposito tattoos mean?

Unknown. The girl pinned the number 593 on her hand. But neither she nor the tattoo master reveal its meaning. Many noticed that the font partially coincides with the style of the series «Elite».

593 ester

What do Ester Exposito's tattoos mean?

Татуировки Эстер Экспозито